May 13, 2014

World Cup in Brazil 2014

Hello there! I've been absent for a biiig while, but I'm back now!

As many of you already heard, there is a lot of contradictions and polemics about the brazilian world cup. Well, I won't start discussing all the issues here, but if you are interested in the World Cup in Brazil I think there is a few things you should know!

Despite all the polemics, Brazil is still a beautiful country to visit and the conditions are not that extreme as people try to make it look like in order to get the media attention. Yes, we do have problems, but like any other country in the world.  Maybe Brazil is not as safe as some other countries, but we have always received tourist from the entire world, we have always held international conventions, concerts, events which attracted people from the whole world. ( I guess they did survived our country)

I think those who have already visited Brazil knows exactly what I'm talking about. Yes, Brazil is beautiful, but requires a little bit of extra "attention" and knowledge about the area you going to. All I can say is: if you love Soccer and if you have the curiosity and wish to visit Brazil, just go for it!
Good luck to all the countries participating in the world cup 2014!

Stadium: Beira-Rio